Creator's Profile

Tomiko Fukuda / Artist, Creative Director
Tomiko Fukuda learned across a range of art, design, planning and others. After many years of experience as a designer, she became an artist and has engaged in many creative activities as a modern artist.
Then, she started activities beyond art and design. By capitalizing on her unique perspective and sensitivity, she has been conducting expressive activities in different genres.
She mainly uses paintings, images, photos, three dimensions, spatial construction and others as media of expressive activities.
Award / "Accent on Design" Best Design Award (NY), "JCD Design Award" Art Work for Space (Japan) etc.

CUA GIA (Representative: Tomiko Fukuda)
1986: Showa61 Established CUA GIA. Offered services for starting up design brands and branding for companies. Also introduced business information and coordinated business opportunities in other countries.
1989: Showa64 Supported companies with operations, such as exhibiting at overseas design conferences and press events, to expand their businesses overseas. Designed showrooms and exhibition spaces, and made videos.
1993: Heisei5 Started creating installation art in architectural spaces. Created art costumes for window displays.
1997: Heisei9 Participated in the Internet Museum and created installation art (images) on the web. Designed websites for IT companies and performed art direction.
2001~: Heisei13 Performed as a creative director of a large complex website and took overall direction of concept, content plan, editing, designing, image shooting and so on.
2007~: Heisei19 Expanded a range of planning and consulting services by deepening learning and consideration of food and healing. Keywords for genres of planning: food, nature, safety, lunar calendar and literary calendar, healing, etc.
2009~: Heisei21 Started offering integrated direction and design consulting services.